Recipes To Go

These days, there are million of food businesses opened around the world. This proves that food business is still one of the best- selling businesses, and people jumped straight away. But wait, are you a chef? Can you cook? Do you have time to create menu while doing the setup? These scenarios need solutions, which good news, we have them.


We can prepare partial or whole menu for your restaurant concept, with all the training, cost calculation, plating to packaging.

If you need to discuss more about your restaurant, or discuss about recipes you can ask Stephanie & Anne.


Business Ready

We also cater the need of people who want everything ready in one plate. From products to packaging, from business plan to delivery action. All in one package. Rest assure, we can do that. All we need is to hear from your side and give us a little time to work your business concept.


We have some business model ready to be implemented under your own brand. Isn't exciting?