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Since 2016, we are key partner with Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy (now KEMENPAREKRAF) building a national platform of FoodStartup Indonesia. Our goal is simple, how food-preneurs can enter the competitive market with right direction and access to supporting ecosystem.


Foodlab Indonesia is a catalyst in food business. We intend to accelerate food businesses, fine tuning their products, and implemented proper business strategy without leaving details and passion in serving people. We are a bunch of people who love to dedicate our work and passion in order to create products or services that can be enjoyed on community base. We engage ourselves to higher challenge and professionalism.


Get curated to our platform,

FoodStartup Indonesia.

The FoodStartup Indonesia Demoday is held annually. Basically is three days event, with detailed mentorships for two days and pitching forum on the last day. Usually around 100 Curated FoodStartups will enter the demoday, and then 30 finalists are selected to enter the pitching forums, and only best 3 will earn the title of Best FoodStartups Indonesia of the year.

This is not a competition.


The rewards are the experience of one on one session with mentors, advisors and meetings with the investors. Whatever you need to scaled up, accelerated, and connected to the right ecosystem.


Introducing the 1st Food Venture Builder in Indonesia.


Ultra is a venture builder for micro, small, and medium food enterprises. Established in 2019 as joint venture between Foodlab Indonesia & Salim Group, this venture will seek further collaboration with food enterprises for better lndonesian food landscape.


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